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article imageOlympic Visitors Get Their Choice Of Penis Cuisine

By Susan Duclos     Jul 31, 2008 in World
Dog may have been taken off of many menus in Beijing for Olympic visitors. But there is still a variety of penis foods to choose from in China.
The Beijing Catering Trade Association banned Olympic eateries from serving dog and the ban is not binding on all Beijing restaurants; just the ones in the 112 designated Olympic hotels.
There is still a wide variety of cuisines to choose from though, everything from cow stomach, honeyed worms, deep-fried scorpions or sea urchins, turtle and brains in a hot pot.
There is also a nice selection of penis cuisine as well, seal penis, ox penis, sheep penis, deer penis,lobster with donkey penis, horse penis and testicles with chili dip.
One article describes how the penis foods are cooked in a private room at the Guolizhuang restaurant, which specializes in animal penises and testicles.
The waitress brings in a hot bubbling pot of soup with chicken and fish bones and a turtle floating in it, the turtles head and legs swirling around the shell and in this bubbling mixture goes the penises, which only take a few minutes to cook.
The ox penis is describe first as fatty, full of protein and good for the skin. It is said that it is hard to swallow, but if you dip it in chili sauce there is an immediate improvement in flavor.
The sheep penis is described as a little flabby, bland, soft, rubbery and not much different from the ox.
Speaking of flavor, it is said that the deer penis tasted better but by far the donkey penis was the best.
Slivered from the top half, it looks like a streak of bacon and carries the faint taste of pork.
These are served with scrambled egg with lily flowers and cost about $100, but if someone wanted something a little more expensive ($500) then then they could opt for the Canadian seal penis.
In another report from an Australian site, they say that the eatery has a dietitian available to explain the health benefits of the foods and which dishes are best avoided by female diners.
According to one of the the Australians that ate the food, there is one big difference between eating that cuisine and the Chinese food the usually eat, as he puts it, "For the first time we could remember after eating Chinese food, we weren't hungry a few hours later."
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