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NASA Unveils Stunning Picture of the Milky Way Over Ontario

By Chris V. Thangham     Jul 29, 2008 in Entertainment
A beautiful picture of the Milky Way galaxy was posted on the NASA website today. The photo was taken over Ontario, Canada, earlier this month.
If you live in the city you seldom see such a fine sky view. But thanks to NASA and astronomers, now you can. This stunning pic was taken over Ontario, Canada.
It is not just one image; it is a series of images taken with time-consecutive exposures superimposed into one. That is why you won’t see the same view of the sky in the reflection of the lake. NASA explains the image:
The reason for this is because the above image is actually a digital composite of time-consecutive exposures from the same camera. In the first set of exposures, sky images were co-added with slight rotations to keep the stars in one place
You can see the planet Jupiter, a bright spot appearing on the upper left of the image, and the Milky Way galaxy appears next to it in the form of disk.
The lights in the horizon shows a nearby city from the lake.
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