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Mysterious Yeti-like hair sent for DNA analysis

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     Jul 28, 2008 in Environment
British scientists have decided to conduct a DNA analysis on two hairs claimed to be taken from a Yeti-like creature as the hairs failed to link the strands with any known species.
Yeti, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas remained to be a mystery for scientists for decades. In a recent development, Scientists at the Oxford Brookes University in Britain say the hairs brought from a jungle in India had a startling resemblance to the hairs brought by adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary 50 years back.
Ape expert Ian Redmond who heads the research team said
The hairs are the most positive evidence yet that a yeti might possibly exist, because they are tangible. It may be that the region this animal is inhabiting is remote enough for it to remain undiscovered so far.
BBC reporter Alastair Lawson had found the hairs in a thick remote jungle in the state of Meghalaya in North East India. He had handed over the two hairs - 33mm and 44mm long - to the University for further research.
Alastair Lawson who had visited the place in 2003 said
The tribal people who live there claim to have seen fossilised footprints of the creature which could have existed in prehistoric times. Then one of the locals said he once saw a yeti and afterwards gathered hair which he thinks might be from the creature.
Yeti, a creature similar to “Bigfoot” in the U.S. or "Sasquatch" in Canada had come as a comic character in Tintin stories. The mysterious creature is often featured as the scary "Abominable Snowman". Many villagers who live at foot of the Himalayas have reported to have seen the creature in the past.
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