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article imageLCD TV goes green, thanks to Newton

By Chris V. Thangham     Jul 26, 2008 in Technology
American engineers have developed new LCD TV displays using Newton’s design that consumes less energy. It soaks up less power when you turn it on or make it brighter.
With the economy getting a hit in most countries, scientists want to help by creating green products that consume less energy.
Though the pictures look great, the current liquid crystal display (LCD) consumes plenty of energy. They produce backlight, whose brightness is controlled by small liquid crystals that swing round like tiny shutters. Most of this light, however, goes as waste.
To reduce this energy waste, the U.S. engineers will utilize a telescope design invented by Isaac Newton, discoverer of gravity.
The engineers will replace the liquid crystals with microscopic mechanical mirrors arranged in a similar way in the telescope design invented by Isaac Newton. This technique helps the LCD to better utilize the backlight.
Anna Pyayt of the University of Washington, Seattle, one of the researchers in this project, worked with engineers at Microsoft to create the new “telescopic pixels,” according to the NewScientist.
Another advantage with this newer display is it can be read in direct sunlight than conventional displays.
Pyayt told AFP: You could build a brighter monitor for the same amount of energy or use less energy to get the same brightness.
The technology also allows a faster image transition without blurring compared to existing LCD displays because of the highly efficient performance of the telescopic pixels used.
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