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Sex Toys For the Nintendo Wii, Truth Or Hoax?

By Can Tran     Jul 24, 2008 in Technology
Come September 9th of this year we can possibly expect a very interesting toy to come out for the Nintendo Wii. But, the authenticity of this new gadget is questionable.
According to a brief article on the website known as “Gizmodo,” the Nintendo Wii could possibly expect an interesting new gadget come September 9 of this year. However, the authenticity of the story is up for question. Right now, many are wondering what I am talking about.
On the Gizmodo article, it explains that there will be a pair of Wiimote sex toys. In the article, there’s a picture that looks like a dildo. Yes, it looks like that there’s going to be a Nintendo Wii controller that looks like a dildo. But perhaps this is just a fluke to get people riled up.
It is very likely that Nintendo itself would not take a stand for something such as a Wiimote dildo. This is reminiscent of an article I had written several weeks ago in regards to porn peddling on the Apple iPhone. On official applications, Apple has vowed to ban viewing of porn.
Perhaps Nintendo may take legal action.
The so-called Wiimote sex toys come from a mysterious company known as “OIOO.”
There is nothing on the website itself but the pictures. However, it does ask how much you would pay for such gadgets along with an e-mail address. One thing is for sure, the company and website does not look to be Japanese.
If that was the case, there would be .jp at the end of the url. However, there is .de at the end of company’s website url. Perhaps this company is based in Germany.
But there are questions to be asked:
Is this for real?
Will Nintendo be seeking legal action?
If it is for real, how much would you be willing to pay?
But, there is not much information present. In the meantime the possibility of such “gadgets” for the Nintendo Wii can neither be confirmed nor denied. I do have to agree, this isn’t your children’s Wii toy.
It does make me think of the College Humor video on rejected Wii concepts. Regardless, the authenticity is up for debate.
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