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New Computer Virus that affects you while browsing the web

By Vinay Chand     Jul 24, 2008 in Internet
A new computer virus which infects government and consumer websites alike while infecting visitors' computers to secure personal and financial information.
Asprox Virus is the latest threat posed to the computing world where large number of key government and consumer websites are being infected with the virus which is practically undetectable until you visit the website and the virus gets implanted into your computer.
You don't realize you're infected because the virus remains hidden, especially if you haven't updated those virus definitions on your anti-virus software. The virus then seeks all forms of financial and personal information secured on the computer and extracts it.
In a report by the ANI, Experts described the Asprox virus as an alarming departure from commonplace viruses which tend to be spread through rogue e-mails and unregulated websites.
Unlike other viruses, Asprox sits undetected on mainstream sites, with any visitor at risk of being infected. The virus automatically installs itself on a visitor's computer, allowing a hacker to access financial information.
It is not known how many people are affected by the virus, but security experts estimate that it has spread to at least two million computers worldwide.
Just when one thought that new viruses with such potential risk involved, weren't commonplace enough, Asprox sprouted up from nowhere, and now an everyday user who browses the web is at risk.
The article further reported,
Five years ago when your computer got infected by a virus, you noticed immediately that your PC was broken. These days, you don't notice anything. This is exactly what the hacker wants. It gives him complete control over the infected machine.
Once installed on a personal computer, the Asprox virus allows a hacker to steal files, e-mails and passwords. It can also be used to infect other computers and even make attacks against companies and foreign governments.
As of now, most of the incidents took place in the UK. How far the threat spreads still remains to be seen.
For those of you who don't have your computers updated with the latest anti-virus software like Norton or McAfee, I'd advise you to do it soon and do it now.
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