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article imageIn Some Parts of the World, KFC Doesn't Mean Kentucky Fried Chicken

By Can Tran     Jul 22, 2008 in World
Across the United States and other parts of the world, there is a huge presence of Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Kabul, Afghanistan, there is Kabul Fried Chicken.
In the United States and most of the world, KFC is a well known franchise that sells fried chicken. KFC is combined letters that make up “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” which was founded by Harland David Sanders otherwise known as Colonel Sanders. Keep in mind that Sanders is not really a military colonel. But, he did enlist in the US Army as a private and fought in Cuba.
Colonel Sanders was a shortened version of the Kentucky Colonel title given to him.
Anyway, there is one part of the world where KFC does not mean Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is in Kabul, Afghanistan. In Kabul, KFC means “Kabul Fried Chicken.” There’s not that much difference between the two meanings.
However, there are major differences between the food served at Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kabul Fried Chicken.
Kentucky Fried Chicken serves strictly chicken.
While Kabul Fried Chicken serves chicken, it also serves kebabs and pizza. Ironically, Kabul Fried Chicken ripped off the image of Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders is possibly turning in his grave.
Serving pizza? Not that much of a difference. That is if you count the fact that Kentucky Fried Chicken is owned by “Yum! Brands.” Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the franchises owned. Another franchise is Pizza Hut.
The idea of Kabul Fried Chicken is allegedly to have been created by Mirawais Abuldrahizmi. But looking at the picture in the Time Magazine article, it looks more of a complete rip off.
However, Abuldrahizmi does give credit to Colonel Sanders. He called Sanders a visionary. Still, it is not a complete rip off. Though the chicken served at Kabul Fried Chicken is supposed to be similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Abuldrahizmi does not possess the Colonel’s secret recipe. It has been a trade secret for many decades.
However, everything is still up for question. On a funny note, Abuldrahizmi’s employees actually think they work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Still, nothing has been questioned at all.
But the moral of this story is, there are some parts of the world that KFC does not always mean Kentucky Fried Chicken. It does make one wonder if and when Kentucky Fried Chicken might initiate a crackdown.
Then again, the Taliban have yet to be cleared out of Afghanistan.
To many, Kabul Fried Chicken can be considered nothing but a cheap knockoff of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
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