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article imageOp-Ed: Why The Dark Knight Works

By Vinay Chand     Jul 20, 2008 in Entertainment
The film that has broken all records in its opening weekend, surging past Star Wars, Iron Man or Hulk. The film is not as much about the hero as it is about the villain. Why The Dark Knight clicks and how the story of a dead man publicises the movie.
Batman: The Dark Knight, opened on Friday to audiences worldwide. The weekend's not yet over, and the film is projected to break all records with $100 Million in sales, more than any movie this year. Topping that blockbuster figure would probably propel the movie into the territory of only 10 other wide-release movies including Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
The movie most certainly lives up to its name bringing in the magic of new age technology in film making and special effects, recreating different scenes, even some from the original Batman flicks, and showing the darkest side of Gotham city where the lunacy of a man named Joker, who calls himself an 'agent of chaos', survives despite all the good men who die trying to prevent it.
Warner Bros has been immensely appreciated for its marketing. Following the death of Heath Ledger, the man who gave the legendary performance for Joker, the bosses at production house and the makers of the movie were left breaking their heads with the dilemma on whether to sell the film on Joker or Batman. Finally, after furious debates, it was decided to cast Joker and not Batman, as the spotlight on all posters or advertising pages across countries globally and on the web.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight
Photo courtesy Warner Bros.
What's amusing is how, a dead person is used to make a movie enthrall audiences. Heath Ledger, a favourite for those who watch his movies, is at his best in the movie. He's given what would be termed as the perfect Oscar winning role. A critic observed, "Ledger's work here is nothing short of revelatory - he takes the Joker beyond caricature of ire and portrays him as a psychotic criminal cipher."
The fact that Ledger's death was one of the most tragic events in the entertainment industry this year, also garners enough attention if not a lot, on his last blockbuster role. The actor died of a drug overdose at his home, earlier this year in January.
For those of you who haven't seen the movie as yet, maybe because it was house-full, which might not be a surprise given the way tickets are selling, I'd advise you to just catch one of those late night shows during weekdays for that's when you might catch a show at all or else be forced to wait until next weekend. Meanwhile, you can avail Joker goodies like lunch boxes, t-shirts, toys and other forms of exclusive merchandise right of the shelves of Warner Bros.
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