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The Real Iron Man

By Vinay Chand     Jul 19, 2008 in World
A man, pierced through his upper body with a 5 ft iron rod, after meeting with a car accident, lives to tell the tale. The story of the true Iron Man.
23 year old, Supratim Dutta, am employee at HCL, was on his way to work last Saturday in the office cab, when the horrible accident took place, killing most of the other people in the car including the driver. Dutta, was pierced through his skin with 5 ft rod, but did not lose consciousness, and managed enough energy to be able to contact his family and friends and inform them of his plight.
A few days and major surgeries later, Dutta lives to tell the tale. Treated at AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences) in New Delhi, Dutta explains how the cab collided into a construction site on the Mehrauli Gurgaon road, one of the major roads in the Capital.
As told by the Doctors in an article reported to Mail Today, the rod seemed to have pierced him through the upper part of his abdomen and came out from the thorax on the other side. The doctors, Dr MC Mishra, head of the department at AIIMS Trauma Centre and Dr Biplab Mishra, another surgeon part of the same team who operated on Supratim Dutta are experts in their field. They attributed Dutta's miracle survival to the fact that the rod missed his vital organs by a few millimeters.
The surgery was conducted for over three and a half hours, and by the time the rod was finally taken out it had left Dutta, with partially damaged lungs, a liver and 10 damaged ribs. The spleen had to be removed for it was both damaged and enlarged.
Supratim Dutta, the miracle survivor or the real Iron Man, who could have lost his life in minutes but lives today, will soon be discharged from the hospital in a week. His ribs though will take more than 10 weeks to recover. However, for Dutta, he's only too happy to be able to see his family another day.
For pictures click here (Be Advised - Pictures may be a little gory for some viewers to handle)
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