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article imageKFC serves urine and spit-tainted food, family falls victim

By Vinay Chand     Jul 17, 2008 in Food
A police officer and his family from Sydney, Nebraska, fall victim to grossly contaminated food tainted with an employee's urine and spit.
Yesterday, you could avoid all street vendors or local eateries to instead, go in for the big outlets that sell their brand name globally and are known to provide some of the best forms of fast food known around the world with the simple excuse that they're healthier in the sense of being clean, more hygienic. Today, you would probably think twice.
With increasing cases of food related incidents, where either an individual or even an entire family falls prey to food poisoning or finds a bug in the food, you can never be too sure, of how much if not a lot, are you really risking.
The most recent news was one which came off the block from Sydney, Nebraska, where a police officer and his family fell victim to the food they ate at a KFC/Taco Bell in October 2005, which was contaminated with urine and spit by an employee. His two children became drastically ill and his 4 yr old son had to even be admitted in a local hospital, where he was treated for gastroenteritis and severe dehydration.
The officer filed a lawsuit and won $40,000, even though the allegation was denied by the spokesman for KFC, Richard Maynard, who in a news article published by the AP, reportedly said :
KFC is committed to the highest levels of food safety.
"Our franchisee does not agree with the court's verdict, and they are looking at their legal options," Maynard said Monday.
The suit also alleged that Andrew, his wife and their children were victims of an employee scheme that targeted police officers.
"Employees maintained 'special servings' of food reserved for ... officers," the lawsuit said. "The 'special servings' had been urinated in or spit in by KFC/Taco Bell employees."
The employee accused of urinating and spitting in the Andrew family's food, Casey Diedrich, pleaded guilty last year to violating the Nebraska Pure Food Act and fined $100, according to court records. The prosecution was for the same incident described in the lawsuit.
A company spokesman said last year that Diedrich eventually was fired for missing work but not for any of the incidents the lawsuit cited.
If one were to do a Google search on contaminated food related incidents, you would get tens of thousands of hits, giving light to the astonishing number of incidents reported around the world on consumers falling ill or even dying in extreme cases, as a result of pure neglect and ignorance reflected by employees or cooks.
An article published in an Indian newspaper reported an entire flock of children falling ill from contaminated food in a rural village simply because the local cook accidentally let a few drops of kerosene into the food while cooking it with the help of burning some logs of wood.
Similarly, another article reported passengers falling sick due to servings of contaminated carrots on several Honolulu flights. The food caterers were a well known group based in both Virginia and Switzerland.
In yet another incident involving thousands of pets dying due to contaminated pet food, processed and distributed by two business firms which will be prosecuted after legal examination on the incidents.
Its an eye opener, a warning thrown at our faces, to be cautious, a shock, for not even being able to trust the biggest of brands, utter neglect on the part of employees and malpractice as a result of bad attitude.
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