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Op-Ed: One Party's Scare Tactic Is Another's SOP

By Mark L Harvey     Jul 14, 2008 in Politics
The American nation is about to be rocked and reeled in the aftermath of the explosive front page image on the 21 JUL 08 New Yorker magazine. The intention was to portray the presumptive winner in the race to the White House in a satirical manner.
It appears to have backfired and the backlash has been gaining more and more virally reactive opinions from the thin-skinned Leftinistra. I often wonder why Truth causes those on the Left to react in such manners as is all so excruciatingly and painfully obvious. The reactions thus far reveal a typical DNC Double Standard. Where has the outrage been when President Bush has been depicted in images unbecoming? Politicians are targets for satire - or are they? Studying the fall-out for the last few hours it has become crystal clear that only specified politicians are allowed to be or at least selected to be targets of satire. And, apparently, the only acceptable targets are members of the GOP. I find that peculiar and disingenuous at best. One can conclude that only the thick-skinned should be in politics. (image here)
The most reactionary at the present is the editorial staff at Arianna Huffington's Huffington Post. The most viral are the more prominent blogs and news outlets of the Leftinistra and will not be mentioned here - perhaps in the comments but not here.
The intent was satire but judging from the reactions, there leaves room for conjecture that there just may be some Truth, accidentally portrayed. Barack may very well be a Muslim or, he may very well not be a Muslim. However, with his middle name Hussein and, his most rabid supporters taking on his middle name as a sign of solidarity, it does cause some to wonder.
Some are calling the image as tasteless and offensive yet these same intelligent - or at least alleged intelligent - members of our society don't find images of their opposition portrayed in a satire format as tasteless or offensive. This gives credence to those that oppose the Leftinistra to classify the Leftinistra as intellectually dishonest. In politics, that which is good for the goose is also good for the goossee and the gooser. If they cannot stand the heat or any kind of satire or criticism, perhaps they shouldn't play the game. In all games, there are losers and there are winners.
In the words of the publishers at The New Yorker:
[...] ..."satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign." [...]
Oh. Please do tell. What scare tactics might that be? Since when are facts scare tactics? Let's review a few facts. During the campaign trail, the universe heard Michelle Obama make comments that classified her as the typical Bash and Blame America For Everything crowd. We have read her thesis - one of several - that reveal that she is in fact a racist. We also know that Barack's association with a racist and hate-filled man of "god" that he is also a racist as is revealed in American Black Liberation Theology. And, please remember, it was Michelle who influenced Barack's decision to voluntarily join that racist "church". Facts are facts and there is no need or logic getting upset about being portrayed in a satirical manner depicting truth. All satire is based in some semblance of truth.
We do not know if Barack is a Muslim now but the facts are that he was born a Muslim and was raised as a Muslim for a period of time. That is a fact. He may not be a Muslim now and I can give him that but, knowing Islam as I do, in the Muslim "faith", once a Muslim, always a Muslim. He will have to work that out with the leaders of Islam but his security detail at one time are members of the Sons of Islam so, how does one explain that?
To squelch the idea that he is a Muslim once and for all - and I do not believe that Barack is a Muslim - he needs to openly denounce the "radical members of Islam" that believe that murder of the innocent is a good thing. I have yet to hear him decry any such comment up to this point.
With his seemingly anti-Israel stances - all depending upon what time of day it is and what day it actually is and to which audience he is addressing - Muslims around the world, the "radical" ones are rooting for Barack. To stem that tide, he needs to directly and openly condemn them. Anything shy of that, he will continue to be thought to be sympathetic to their cause resulting in satire cartoons. If his skin is too thin for that, perhaps he is in the wrong business. He hasn't seen anything yet. If he makes it to the White House, he will be the brunt of satire on an hourly basis just like any other President that has ever been inaugurated. He had better get over it now and get used to it now.
I find it curious that one party's scare tactic is another's Standard Operating Procedure. Scare tactics, by the very intent and definition of said tactic(s), are meant to sway opinion and support in one direction or another. For instance, global warming. This has been proven to be a farce and a myth since for the last 10 years or so, the temperature of the globe we live on has decreased. The sampling time for global warming has been 100 years with the temperature variant over the first 90 years +1-degree C. 1-degree? It has been shown that over the past 10 recent years, the globe's temperature has dropped 1-degree C. Doesn't that negate the mantra of we are burning up? If not, then, doesn't the last 10-year readings create a variant that needs to be considered in global warming? That is a 10% variant and any statistician will tell you that a variant of that much is indeed relevant.
However, to the Leftinistra, apparently not because the scare tactic of global warming is useful to the Leftinistra. Amazing. Global warming cannot be proven at this point, at least man-made global warming because it has also been revealed that the same things noted on this planet have been noted on others and the only commonality is our common sun. But, alas, that isn't configured into the equation because the Leftinistra have no control over the sun.
The supposition(s) that Barack is a Muslim is based on factual data. He has admitted to growing up as a Muslim and is a matter of record. He can nip this solidly in the bud by denouncing the "radical elements". That is not a scare tactic although the Leftinistra will claim the opposite. As for global warming and that Manhattan will be under water in 10 years as Al Gore has proclaimed, cannot be proven and is not based in tangible fact. Yet, it is presented as fact to promote an agenda - an ill-conceived agenda.
Ergo, to the Leftinistra, scare tactics are attributed to Truth revealed and myths are presented as facts to present and promote bloviated agendas.
We live in the US of UDL...the United States of Upside Down Land.
Be assured, I think the image is funny because I recognized it as satire. Get over it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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