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article imageSerial Bunny Basher Sweeps Germany

By Michelle Duffy     Jul 9, 2008 in Crime
It may be rabbits now, but the head fetish may well turn towards humans next as Germany rabbit owners fears for their pets lives since rabbits across the country are being drained of their blood and beheaded
Forget the film, Fatal Attraction and think of a serious crime which has left hundreds of people devastated in Germany.
Around 40 pet rabbits across Germany have been murdered and the figure is expected to rise, in what has been described as "the brutal bunny slayings of Germany." Many pet owners have woken to the horrific sight of their beloved pet rabbit beheaded, and drained of it's bodily fluid. The police and much of the country now live in fear, and not just rabbit owners - as authorities now wonder when the strange rabbit be-headings will eventually turn towards human murders.
The worst hit so far is the Ruhr district and the killer has been at large since summer 2007. The police have now set a special investigation force to help catch the criminal before he decides to move from bunnies to human bodies.
It is thought so far that there may be some sort of Satanist group behind the killings simply because of the way they have been killed. The police have set up the five strong task force to hunt for the killer before he strikes again.
Yet if they culprits don't work in a pet shop, how are they able to track down where families live who have pet rabbits? It has been suggested that the group killing the rabbits are using Google Earth to track down homes where pet rabbits are living in way of using an online mapping system.
So far police have interviewed carefully 300 local people but so far have not definite leads.
The killings have stepped up considerably since May this year and local animal rights groups in Germany have put up a £2,000 reward for any information which will lead to the capture of the killer or killers...
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