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Move Over Starbucks, Seattle Baristas Are Brewing Coffee In Their Bikinis

By Nikki Weingartner     Jul 7, 2008 in Entertainment
Known for its coffee and home to renowned Starbucks, Seattle, Washington is making a name for itself once again: bikini clad baristas serving up your favourite latte. Not everyone is happy about the scantily clad coffee making beauties, though.
Only the best of coffee connoisseurs (aka: coffee snobs) understand the true art and flavour of a freshly pulled shot of espresso. In fact, if you've ever been on the receiving end of a poorly extracted shot or one that has sat longer than its designed time frame, you know that bitter taste associated with bad espresso.
Now, you can have your expertly pulled shot and well, drink it all in too.
An outdoor coffee house in Seattle, Washington has kicked off the clunky black shirt and khaki pants required by Starbucks employees and has moved onto a less restricting uniform for its baristas, at least the "hot" ones.
Adorned in string bikinis, baristas at an espresso bar created coffee drinks for what appeared to be mostly male customers and tourists lined up to give their order and get a closer peep at the preparation processes.
One of the baristas explained that her morning tips had risen five times the amount due to shedding some extra weight, claiming her $30 morning tips are nearly four or five times that amount in the same time frame due to her wearing a bikini.
The line of men with cameras waiting to order their "skinny latte" substantiated her claim with some getting extra "sprinkles" as they stood between their coffee creators, with a smile as big as enzyte Bob's, and struck a pose befitting for the family photo album.
One female interviewed about how she felt towards the bikini clad baristas agreed to the question that it brought a negative image to Seattle, however, the line in front of the espresso bar might prove a little different as far as bringing tourism to the city.
The only concern here is that bare skin and hot beverages just don't seem to mix but at a 400 percent tip increase, I'm sure safety issues are ever elusive.
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