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America's Next Top Model, Meet 'Britain's Missing Top Model'

By Can Tran     Jul 6, 2008 in Entertainment
The UK has its own reality TV show that could rival “America’s Next Top Model.” However, Britain is going towards a new approach.
In the United States, “Reality TV” is the norm. Ever since the start of the 21st century with the success of CBS’ “Survivor” and “Big Brother,” Reality TV has become a major craze. Various networks have created their own Reality TV shows with their own niches and angles.
Currently, The CW has “America’s Next Top Model” which is hosted and created by former supermodel and now talk show host Tyra Banks. America’s Next Top Model asides from “Girlfriends” and “Everybody Hates Chris” were the only shows on United Paramount Network (UPN) that had survived the merger with the WB. Not long ago, Girlfriends had stopped airing. While Girlfriends is a very funny sitcom, this article is not about it.
America’s Next Top Model is still one of the highest rated reality TV shows in the United States. It would seem that many other countries may have followed suit. Then again, the contestants in America’s Next Top Model travel across the world doing all sorts of modeling shoots to complete different tasks.
Now, Britain has launched its own version. So far, it’s quite the hit. But, this is much different than America’s Next Top Model. I mean, very different. And no, it is not like Japan with old people porn as its newest sex niche. This British show about models is not about sex or porn.
It is like America’s Next Top Model; yet, it is very different.
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has launched “Britain’s Missing Top Model.” Missing top model? What does that mean? This show is about physically handicapped models. These contestants are aspiring models either confined to wheelchairs, missing an arm, or missing a leg. There will be eight contestants in the show. All eight of them are physically disabled.
One contestant is confined to a wheelchair and another contestant is legally deaf.
The controversy associated would be the exploitation of the handicapped to make some nice cash. Regardless of being a controversial program, Britain’s Missing Top Model is already a network hit.
The eight contestants live together in a London penthouse. And yes, they’re just like any other aspiring model. They will be going at it with each other. I’m thinking the contestant with the prosthetic leg might use it as a makeshift club when things at the penthouse get very dicey.
But, the show itself has many social causes.
One aim of the show is to send the message that while disabled, they are human like everybody else. And these girls are getting sick and tired of not being included in everyday society.
The second aim is to show that while disabled, these women are still beautiful.
The third aim is to show what life is like being part of the disabled community.
The fourth message is to “enlighten” the fashion industry.
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