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article imageMugabe's Not Quite Done With Making Zimbabwe's People Suffer

By Can Tran     Jul 4, 2008 in World
Even after Robert Mugabe has been “reelected” as the president of Zimbabwe, most of Zimbabwe’s people still suffer with an unfathomable rate of famine.
While Robert Mugabe of the Zanu-PF Party has been “reelected” as President of Zimbabwe, most of the people of Zimbabwe still suffer from hunger. Perhaps this is Mugabe’s way of punishing those that have given their support to the opposition group known as the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Party. MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai had dropped out of the contest days before Zimbabwe had its runoff election on June 27.
Since the election at the end of March, Zimbabwe was plunged into a humanitarian crisis. Mugabe’s Zanu-PF mobs and militiamen went out and systematically hunted and exterminated members and supporters of the MDC into submission. The method worked and Mugabe stole the election. At the African Union (AU) summit in Egypt, nobody except for Kenyan PM Raila Odinga had lashed out at Mugabe.
While Mugabe is in power, most of the people of Zimbabwe still suffer. The issue of famine still adds to the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe. Regardless, Mugabe still maintains a ban on both local and international aid agencies. The food that is in stock is only given to members and supporters to the Zanu-PF Party. In a nutshell, the only people that benefit are the Zanu-PF. Everybody else not associated or part of the Zanu-PF end up suffering.
It would seem that Mugabe is intent of making most of Zimbabwe’s people suffer for not supporting him. However, famine is not the only worry for the people of Zimbabwe. The other issue would be the collapsed economy of the country. I had recently written about the regard to Zimbabwe’s economy.
While Mugabe is “reelected,” it is he who has to deal with the hyperinflation of Zimbabwe’s economy. Several months ago, it was at 1,000 percent. Now, inflation is at 8.4 million percent. At an inflation rate of 1,000 percent, it made Zimbabwe’s inflation right the highest in the world. An inflation rate at 8.4 million percent could be deemed highly ludicrous.
As Zimbabwe’s people continue to suffer from starvation, Mugabe is using food as a tactic to get people to bow down to him. Yes, Mugabe is the embodiment of a brutal dictator.
So far, Zimbabwe has turned out to be worse than Kenya. Perhaps the situation in Zimbabwe has turned out to be just as worse if not anymore worse than the situation in Burma.
In Burma, the junta said that the Burmese people could fend for themselves.
In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is using food to make people bow down to his will.
So far, the AU is silent on the matter. Ironically, the AU leaders have turned their backs on Mugabe. South African President Thabo Mbeki, the key mediator to the Zimbabwe crisis, is under hot water by the international community for his response and approach. Mbeki could find himself stripped of his position of key mediator.
The UN-security council is split on extending sanctions to supporters of Mugabe. Nations such as China and Russia oppose such a move. However, China could be a potential swing vote since it’s hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics. A veto could be added onto a list of things that could spell a potential PR nightmare for China in regards to the Olympics.
Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is contemplating two plans for military intervention. However, it is easier said than done. For this to work, they would need cooperation from Zimbabwe’s neighbors along with permission to fly into their respective airspaces.
Overall, while Mugabe is still in office, it seems he is not done with making the people of Zimbabwe suffer.
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