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article imageOp-Ed: True American Patriotism

By Mark L Harvey     Jul 4, 2008 in Politics
Don't tell me these men do not love their country and don't tell me that they don't believe in the cause of Freedom because that is assuredly untrue. Don't tell me that Barack Hussein Obama supports these Troops and McCain does not.
At Camp Victory Iraq, 1215 men in uniform fighting for the freedoms of the Iraqi people against the PC termed "radical Islam" reenlisted in a display of force and solidarity to the United States, her people and the people of the world to witness and gaze upon them with absolute awe.
I am awestruck by this development and it humbles this Warrior beyond comprehension. The words of Katy Benko's voice comes to me in waves of splendor and pride and I find it disgusting how my alleged fellow Americans, to make a political hack point that it would be better for the Troops fighting a war to have the first Marxist elected as President of the United States as Europe so desperately tries to rid itself of their socialist buffoons.
Don't tell me that Barack Hussein Obama won't sell these Troops down the river and don't you dare tell me that McCain would as well. Just ask John "Jack" Murtha how selling the Troops down the river goes down. Don't tell me that the American Leftinistra "supports the Troops" because they certainly do not. I have spoken with them one-on-one and their main stay of rhetoric is "what's wrong with communism anyway?"
BAGHDAD — Servicemembers from all over Iraq gathered here today in the Al Faw Palace rotunda on Camp Victory, to re-enlist and celebrate America’s Independence Day.
All 1,215 servicemembers celebrated by raising their right hand and pledging to continue defending the ‘land of the free’ in what is the largest re-enlistment ceremony since the all-volunteer force began in 1973, according to the Multi-National Force – Iraq Command Sergeant Major, Command Sgt, Maj. Marvin L. Hill.
“Volunteering to continue to serve our nation, while deployed – is both noble and inspiring,” said Gen. David Petraeus, commanding general, Multi-National Force – Iraq. “It is, as award citations often state, in keeping with the finest traditions of our military services.”
Petraeus presided over the ceremony and led the airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in their oath to defend their country against all enemies both foreign and domestic on this day of celebration of America winning its independence.
"We recognize the sacrifices they make and the sacrifices their families and communities make as they serve in Iraq," Hill said. “These servicemembers know the cost of war and they are still re-enlisting.”
All together, the servicemembers pledged more than 5,500 years of additional service to their country.
“It makes me feel proud to serve this great nation,” said Spc. Zackary Cunningham, mechanic, 602nd Maintenance Battalion, Tactical Base Balad, who plans on making the Army a career.
The re-enlistees have every right to feel proud, according to Petraeus.
“You and your comrades here have been described as America’s new greatest generation, and, in my view, you have more than earned that description,” Petraeus said. “It is the greatest of honors to soldier here with you.”
(MNF-I Press Release)
HOOAH? HOOAH! That should say it all but I'm not done yet.
We hear how "the world hates America" and no one likes us. Then explain this; why are millions flocking here to the hated USA to start a new life in the Land of the Free both legally and illegally and there are NONE trying to get out? And if they try to get out, who, then, is stopping them? I call balderdash.
Also, explain this; a message from Polish Troops in Afghanistan sent to the US Commanders there as follows...(emphasis mine)
Dear Friends,
Two hundred and thirty two years ago, when your forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they changed the history of the world. Thanks to their sacrifices the world realized the true meaning of freedom. Independence and freedom are powerful words in your country as they are in Poland. When the United States gained independence, Poland was in the process of slowly loosing portions of its borders to its neighbors. We appreciate your efforts towards a unified and independent United States of America because we know how difficult it is to regain freedom and independence. Today we can be very happy with living in independent countries. Today we fight together for freedom for people in other countries, like here in Afghanistan.
4th of July and Independence Day are identified in our country with aspiring to freedom and that is why we are so happy that we can celebrate this day with American soldiers signifying our common goals for peace and freedom.
Today we wish you and your nation a peaceful and happy day.
Polish Soldiers
Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan
The United States is still the Beacon of Hope throughout the world and the only ones that hate us are our enemies and they are relatively few.
Other countries can only hope and pray for what we enjoy every day and we are willing to throw it away for a Marxist as President.
And people tell me that it would only hurt for a year or two. Horse hockeys. And then what? Climb out of a cistern as we did after President Carter was booted in disgrace? No thanks. That really didn't work out that the long run now did it? If it worked out good, why then did we get Clinton? I haven't heard a viable explanation up to this point. I have heard some smarmy rhetoric and political hacketry but it doesn't hold up to keen observation. And, don't quote polls either...they mean absolutely nothing at this point because there is absolutely nothing to compare to.
As Europe is preparing itself for civil war to regain their freedoms that their dhimmified leaders gave away and as Shar'ia Law sweeps across the continent, here we are, in the United States, with men willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for us retain our way of life which includes Canada, tossing them to the Marxist dogs.
Simply unacceptable, deplorable and disgusting to say the least.
The men in the picture above deserve so much more than some political wet dream when we can win this thing here and now. But, alas, it is too hard and the leftinistra are too loud and "odd" and their vitriol can't be taken much more.
Please. Grow up.
When I was in the field and my son was also in the field and as all of the men in women in Iraq and Afghanistan understand - Embrace The Suck. If we and they can do it for you, at least you can do the same for them no matter how much of the Suck you have to embrace.
God Bless Our Troops.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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