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International Manhunt Under Way For Austrian Josef Branis

By Can Tran     Jul 2, 2008 in World
Josef Branis of Austria is now the subject of an international manhunt. Branis is suspected of killing his two siblings and their spouses.
With all the recent cases of murder, imprisonment, rape, and so forth, it is slowly starting to make me think that Austria is a very creepy place to live in. First, there was the case of Josef Fritzl, who had imprisoned his then-18 year old daughter, Elisabeth in the cellar of their home for 24 years. Josef Fritzl raped his daughter repeatedly. As a result, Elisabeth gave birth to children born out of incest.
The case came to light when 19 year old Kerstin Fritzl was brought to the hospital. Kerstin was the key piece of evidence that had exposed such a dark secret.
That incident took place in Austria.
There was also the case of 20 year old Natascha Kampusch. Kampusch was locked in a cellar for 8 years. This incident came to light when Kampusch managed to escape from captivity.
That incident too took place in Austria.
Now, there is the case of 66 year old Josef Branis. This incident has also taken place in Austria. To make things more interesting, it was in the same suburb where Kampusch was held captive for those 8 years.
Branis is suspected of the murders of his brother Franz, his sister Anna, his brother-in-law Johann, and his sister-in-law Vera. This case came to be when Branis’ daughter discovered his pants which were stained in blood.
The elite unit known as Cobra is participating in the international manhunt against Branis. According to authorities, Branis might be hiding out in Slovakia. Authorities have given the suggestion that the murders were motivated over an argument on the increase of Branis’ rent by his sister Anna. Coincidentally, Branis was forced to move out of the flat he was living at the day before.
One can say that life in Austria has gotten quite “interesting” this year. First there was the case of Josef Fritzl, then the case of Natasha Kampusch, and now there is the case of Josef Branis. This can be defined as pure insanity.
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