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article imageMajority of Americans Increasingly Opposed To Free Trade

By Can Tran     Jul 1, 2008 in Politics
A new poll result shows that an increasing majority of Americans are starting to become opposed to the idea of free trade.
A recent poll has produced results that may not be favorable for presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona. So far, McCain has been pushing his support on the issue of free trade. This was the purpose of McCain’s trip to both Mexico and Colombia. McCain is trying to present the advantages that free trade offers.
But, things will be easier said than done for McCain. A recent poll conducted by CNN/Opinion Research Corp shows that about 51 percent of Americans that voted feel that the economy is threatened by foreign trade. Yes, the economy still remains the number one issue on the minds of most Americans.
The issue of Iraq continues to play second hand in consistent poll ratings. While 51 percent believe fair trade poses a threat to the US economy, 4 out of every 10 Americans that took the poll feel that free trade will strengthen the economy. As more Americans are opposing free trade, fewer Americans are supporting it.
Back in 2000, almost two-fifths of Americans felt it was a threat. Back in 2006, almost one-half of Americans felt that free trade has posed a great threat. From 2000 until now, the percentage of Americans that are positive about free trade has decreased. In the beginning, it was the majority that supported free trade. Now, only a minority supports free trade.
Asides from the issue of Iraq, the issue of the economy along with support for free trade could also hurt McCain’s candidacy. As more Americans according to the poll seem to be opposed to the notion of free trade, this could wind up as valuable ammunition for presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois to use against McCain in the near future.
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