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Op-Ed: Sex, the Seller of Media News

By KJ Mullins     Jun 30, 2008 in World
Why is it that sex is a top story "seller"? We gravitate to anything of a sexual nature at times giggling over the scribbles covering the page. Sex. It means so many things. Life, pain, beauty, suffering, love and death.
When we think of words that mean life we tend to go for things like water, food, fuels and bypass the thoughts of sex. But let's face it, sex is life. Without sex there is no need for water, fuel or chocolate chip cookies.
We are sexual creatures. We crave it, consume it and roll around in it. In private.
Many religions have taught us that sex is BAD. Naughty. Dirty thoughts. Mind in the gutter.
Is that why we crave it so much? Because we shouldn't? Or should we?
My youngest son asked me to explain what makes the seven deadly sins sins. I was in a smart alec mood and told him they were sins because we like them. If it feels good it has to be a sin.
Sex feels good.
Sex should feel good at least.
And then you have those who pervert the most wonderful basic feeling in the world and make it a crime. When that happens sex is bad. Horrible. Disgusting.
Sex in the news ranges from both ends of the spectrum. It's either very, very good or it's down right despicable. Good sex can extend life. Criminal sex acts can end it.
The fear of not being able to perform loving relations because of injury in war is a cause of suicide with war vets. Fear of sex itself can stem from sexual abuse in childhood.
Angeline Jolie talks about how sex is great while pregnant. Down in Antarctica they make sure those snow bunnies have plenty of condoms for the long winter sexy nights. In Chile Viagra is the secret to a long life.
And then there are those who destroy beauty. Sex offenders who continue to commit crimes. To target the innocents before they are ready to know the wonders of love and lovemaking. Who pervert religion with abuses.
And the media world writes it up. It sells. The good, the bad and the ugly line the pages of newspapers and online journals. We who write the news of the day are the ones that sell sex. Does that make us pimps? Pimping out a tasty little nibble to sate the masses?
Does it matter? Do the words we write make a difference when it comes to sex? When we report on sexual abuses is it to sell a story or to educate the public or a combination of both?
When we write a whimsical piece about a sex toy is it to amuse the masses or to amuse ourselves? When the tone of an article tells the way we honestly feel are we undermining the true nature of the news at hand? Do are own opinions on same sex relationships, sexual abuse, sex advancements and sex toys colour the mind of the reader?
We are the educators in a sense. We tell the stories that others learn from or are shocked by.
And we write it up. Sex. It sells. But how it sells is our responsibility. Are we being responsible enough?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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