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article imageOp-Ed: For God’s Sake Microsoft, Get Real

By Paul Wallis     Jun 30, 2008 in Technology
XP, no XP, XP, no XP. Classic PR triumph, “We’re about to hit you with another expensive system, right in the middle of a recession.” Not to forget that great standby, “We don’t give a damn what our customers think.” Annoying, yes. Forgivable?
Microsoft seems to be under some compulsion to release new operating systems whether anyone likes it or not. Many don’t. From the pretty trustworthy Windows 98 came:
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows NT
Followed by XP. Followed by Vista. That’s five major systems in 10 years. Add Windows 7. Given that the three above were turkeys, and Vista a pheasant with delusions of necessity, not a great package, is it?
Apple, somehow, have beetled on with more or less the same thing, upgraded.
Meaning Apple customers haven’t had to shell out for these things on a regular basis.
Meaning they’ve saved thousands of dollars by now, for no reason other than Microsoft’s apparent inability to do the same.
That’s not including Windows standalone stuff. Whole suites, and they’re not cheap, and never have been.
Hence the phrase, “You want applications with that?”
Then, strangely, there’s this odd need to have something to put the Windows systems in, called computers, in case Microsoft had lost track of that odd bit of information.
Then there’s servicing. Reincarnation doesn’t yet seem to be part of most operating systems. Odd omission, really, because apparently users bank balances can reincarnate themselves every time Microsoft releases something.
Then there’s the requirement, cheesy widescreen TV-like, for 64MB video cards, etc, etc.
Anything nobody has ever needed, hit the public with it.
Here’s a thought:
To hell with you.
Either come up with a working system which doesn’t need constant platform changes, or get out of Dodge.
You aren’t the only people on Earth able to make platforms. Binary code isn’t copyright.
Some people like having disposable incomes, and even like spending money on things other than useless, gimmicky, pointless, unnecessary, whims from some damn system designer.
If you’ve quite finished insulting loyal customers, millions of us, kindly get real, and do it now.
If you know what the term “what the market will bear” means, think about your next hoedown on our toes.
It might be your last.
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