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Affirmative Action, Another Possible US Presidential Debate Topic?

By Can Tran     Jun 28, 2008 in Politics
A recent entry on CNN’s Political Ticker has brought up an interesting topic in regards to Senator Barack Obama of Illinois becoming the presumed Democratic nominee.
In the United States Presidential election race, let alone the Democratic primary, there have the issues of ethnicity, gender, and religious faith thrown into the mix. As a result, it has resulted in one interesting contest. The current state of the US Presidential race between presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona should prove to be even more interesting going into November.
However, there has been one issue that had yet to be brought up. Perhaps it is the best time that CNN’s Political Ticker has brought up the topic. This issue has been a fairly old issue that had rubbed many people the wrong way. The issue is known as “affirmative action.” This has been for the longest time been controversial and highly debated.
Affirmative action was an initiate to make efforts to place minorities into high paying jobs, powerful positions, and schools. Keep in mind, affirmative action is prejudicial against whites. The use of affirmative action had caused the issue of racial prejudice even worse.
In a nutshell, affirmative action has been both racist and sexist. This is according to Ward Connerly, who leads efforts from one state to another to end policies such as affirmative action. However, Connerly adds that affirmative action did not play a role in the Democratic primary contests between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.
Many critics of affirmative action say that Obama’s candidacy revealed no need for such a policy.
But, supporters of affirmative action speak otherwise. They say that while Obama is the presumed Democratic nominee, it does not mean that “ordinary” Blacks, Latinos, or women do not deal with prejudice when applying for a job and/or applying to go to school.
Affirmative action could possibly pop up as a debate topic soon. Obama says that affirmative action can help overcome discrimination. However, he said that affirmative action cannot be used as a quota. In a nutshell, Obama’s stance on affirmative action is that you cannot use something without looking at the person. He said everything needs to be taken account.
However, McCain plans to reject affirmative action. According to the McCain campaign, affirmative action only creates more discrimination.
Both candidates make valid points. On one side of the spectrum, it only creates more discrimination and prejudice. On the other side, there is still prejudice depending where you are in this country.
Expect for McCain and Obama to square off on affirmative action.
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