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Imported Racism Leads To Murder

By Hargrove Jones     Jun 27, 2008 in Crime
An Indian immigrant, Chiman Rai, hired a hit man to murder his African American daughter-in-law, Sparkle Rai, because he did not want his son married to a woman of African descent. Today, a Georgia jury convicted him of orchestrating her murder.
No sooner than 22-year-old, Sparkle Michelle Rai, opened her apartment door in April 2000, a large man forced his way in and knocked her to the floor. Two teenage girls who accompanied him alternated between witnessing and soothing Sparkle's baby, while Cleveland Clark wrapped a vacuum cleaner cord around Sparkle's neck, and chocked the life out of her. Eventually, Clark pulled out a knife, telling the girls to wait for him in the car. That evening, Sparkle' husband, Rajeeve "Ricky" Rai, found her dead from strangulation, multiple stab wounds, and a slit throat.
Except for Ricky Rai's words, "'my parents are not exactly, you know, model citizens, you know, they're a little racist to be honest with you," the police had no leads to anyone who would want to do Sparkle harm, and the case went cold.
Ricky Rai never told his parent he married Sparkle and that the two had a baby girl together. In fact, he denied the marriage when asked about it by his parents because, according to him, he knew they would not approve. He also told Sparkle that his parents were dead, so that she would not encounter their rejection.
After Sparkle's death, Ricky abandoned his daughter to the care of Sparkle's family, and has no contact with her. He moved away and married an Indian woman, who he did not tell about his first marriage or his child.
Four years after Sparkle's death, a young woman was arrested on drug charges, and she informed the police that she and a friend were present during the murder of Sparkle Rae.
Now Chiman Rai sits in prison, convicted by a jury of murder, and awaiting their decision as to whether he will live or die.
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