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article imageLost Amazonian Tribe a Hoax

By Sheba     Jun 24, 2008 in World
Remember the story about the lost tribe of Amazon Indians reported in the news recently? Well it turns out that they are not really lost.
The story was reported by news media/Main Stream Media around the world. It turns out the story is a hoax, well not really, it is just a half-truth according to the photographer who took the photos.
Apparently the people in the photos are actual members of a tribe that has been know about, by authorities, since 1910. So why the deception?
The photographer and the agency that released the pictures wanted to make it seem like they were members of a lost tribe in order to call attention to the dangers the logging industry may have on the group.
So the lensman (no relation to the Lensman here on DJ) has come clean for reasons known only to him right now. Do expect to hear more about this as the MSM picks it up.
The photographer recently came clean, and news outlets, perhaps embarrassed at having been taken for a ride, have been slow to pick up the story. Now, the word is starting to spread and articles in the Buzz are picking up steam. Expect a lot more brutal truth in the coming days.
Yahoo! Buzz is all abuzz about this little drama, since they too reported it about a month ago. Kinda red faced, they admitted to being duped along with the rest of the MSM.
It seems that the agency and the photographer wanted to call attention to the fact that the logging industry may be affecting these people. Do you think that the end justified the means in this case? Should they have told this lie in order to get the industry's attention? And now that the truth is out, do you think this will affect the credibility of the agency if they do report the truth about the effects of deforestation in the Amazon now?
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