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article imageThe Barack Obama Campaign Drops The New Obama 'Seal'

By Susan Duclos     Jun 23, 2008 in Politics
The Barack Obama campaign unveiled a new Obama campaign seal Friday which was described as "not-so-coincidentally like the official seal of the President of the United States." After much criticism over the weekend, the seal is now gone.
As was reported in the Daily News, Barack Obama sat down Friday, behind a rostrum with a seal with a seal featuring an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the seal contained a Latin phrase for a touch of gravitas that roughly translates to "Yes, We Can."
Jen Psaki who is an Obama spokeswoman was asked about the new seal and she responded with, "It's a mix of presidential politics and a call for hope and change."
John McCain's spokesman Tucker Bounds' answer was described as "snarky" when he said, "I think we can all agree that we need presidential candidates that are serious enough not to play make-believe on the campaign trail." He concluded by stating, "It's laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing all at the same time."
McCain's campaign was not the only one that had a little fun with the topic though.
Slate magazine made a bold prediction that unless David Axelrod, who is a top adviser to Barack Obama, was "insane", the the thing will never be seen again.
ABC News' Political Punch had their own one liners in reaction to the seal:
No word on whether they played a remix of "Hail to the Chief" as Obama walked in.
Today we see that the seal is gone, poof, from the website and AdAge reports that when someone from the Obama press center was asked if the seal would be used going forward, the answer was a simple, short, "No".
Over the weekend the blogosphere has had a entertaining time describing, talking and laughing about it, with Marc Ambinder, from The, ending his piece with, "All of which is to say that if you were to exchange brains with your typical Obama staffer, you can kind of see how designing a new seal seems cool and presidential, and you can also realize that those closest to the candidate don't vet every single stage prop that appears with the candidate, and you can feel a little sympathy for the staffer who has to explain to Valerie Jarrett just what the hell he or she was thinking when the seal was approved."
I've had my fun with the Obama campaign's seal, and now that fun ends. I'm told that Obama recognizes that it was a silly mistake, that the universal reaction at Wacker and Michigan was, "Boy, was that dumb," and that they don't think the seal staging will matter to actual voters.
NBC political director Chuck Todd weighed in with, "What a bizarre and dumb idea. It really feeds the arrogance narrative.”
Larry Sabato who is the director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics believes the whole seal thing reinforces the media's perception of Obama, saying that the media basically labels each candidate and that Obama's label is rapidly becoming "charismatic but arrogant.'”
Although many had fun with this topic, no one really thinks the use of the logo for so short of a time will do any damage to the Obama Campaign, but as CNN's Political Ticker points out, "Many wondered whether a seal – with Latin phrasing no less - was the best idea for a candidate fighting for the working class vote and trying to fend off allegations of elitism."
Lest it be said that it was only the media and the right side of the blogosphere that was criticizing the seal, even the Democratic Daily called it a "bad seal" , pointed out that "Just about everyone seemed to the think the “seal” was a bad idea, from staunch Obama supporters in the blogopshere, to the media, it was mocked and ridiculed", and ended their piece about the removal of the seal, with, "Well thank goodness we won’t have that bad “seal” to kick around any more. It was a lame brain idea."
Some ideas seem better on paper or in theory than they are in reality.
This seems to be one of those instances.
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