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article imageOp-Ed: Large Hadron Collider could create black hole, destroy world, cause acne

By Paul Wallis     Jun 22, 2008 in Science
Doomsayers don’t need a lot of encouragement. The idea is to crash a few protons together and compress matter, generating a lot of energy. The theory is that this will create a micro black hole, which will swallow Europe and then the world.
We’ll know in July. Bring a blanket and something hot to drink.
The science is a bit more demanding than this theory. Even supernovae don’t necessarily cause black holes, that anyone’s noticed. Nor do neutron stars. The center of a galaxy the size of the Milky Way has a super black hole, which is turning the galaxy.
The chances of what is basically a turbine with a bit of extra grunt causing a black hole are rather debatable.
Space Daily:
Some people take this threat extremely seriously. In March of this year a claim was even filed with the Hawaii district court charging CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), which is building the accelerator, with an attempt at Armageddon, and demanding a ban on the accelerator's launching.
Meanwhile, several years ago, it was discovered that black holes "evaporate" with time - a crucial discovery for understanding their physics. Larger ones do so only slowly, over billions of years, while smaller ones, practically instantaneously, within 10-17 of a second. Naturally, they simply do not have the time to absorb any sizeable amount of matter.
So black holes aren’t as absolute as they’ve been portrayed. There was a time when they were one of the great playthings of theory, responsible for anything inexplicable in space. That was practically everything, at the time, 30 years ago.
Now we know they’re just great big swirling super massive sissies that chomp up stars.
However- Space Daily has zealously added this intriguing bit of information:
Black holes are expected to appear (or be detected appearing) in the LHC every second or so. As they evaporate they will leave a trail of radiation that will be registered by the accelerator's monitoring devices.
Such holes pose no threat, even in theory. On the other hand, they should help improve our understanding of the relationship between quantum mechanics and gravitation, because evaporation of black holes is a quantum mechanical process.
Now, if I just rig up the laundry right…
The acne? Caused by black holes?
Oh, yeah.
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