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If Offered, Hagel Would Contemplate Being Obama's Running Mate

By Can Tran     Jun 20, 2008 in Politics
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska has weighed in on the VP search for presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.
After clinching the Democratic nomination, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois had formed up a team that is tasked with compiling up a list of possible VP candidates. It was a brutal match between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. Many Clinton supporters have felt frustrated and bitter at the end. At the end, Clinton was tasked with getting her supporters to stand behind Obama.
Many Democrats feel that Obama should pick Clinton as VP. However, Clinton has not talked about wanting to be VP. Still, there are plenty still skeptical on a possible Obama-Clinton ticket.
In the past, former North Carolina Senator, 2-time former Democratic hopeful and former VP running mate, John Edwards, had said he was not interested in being a running mate again.
A few people have removed themselves as being a possibility of VP running mate. Democratic Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, had removed himself as a candidate. Strickland said he would still be campaigning for Obama.
Former Democratic Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, had removed himself as a possibility. Instead, Warner will be running for the US Senate seat for Virginia.
Still, there are many choices. Recently, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel had weighed in on the possibilities. So far, Hagel said he would think about serving as Obama’s VP running mate if he was approached with the offer. But, he did say that it probably will not be happening.
Hagel has been one of the few Republicans that have vocally criticized current US President George W. Bush and his administration. The criticism started since the US-led invasion of Iraq back in 2003.
Many think that if Obama ends up picking someone within the GOP as a candidate, Hagel may be the one to go for. Perhaps Hagel is Obama’s answer to Independent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Lieberman has already pledged his support to presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona.
Hagel said: "I think anybody, anybody would have to consider it. Doesn’t mean you’d do it, doesn’t mean you’d accept it, could be too many gaps there, but you’d have to consider it, it’s the only thing you could do. Why wouldn’t you?”
While Hagel has criticized the Bush administration, he does have one of the strongest records of supporting Bush. Hagel said that he and Obama do have differences on issues. Also, he does say he has disagreements with McCain about Iraq. So far, Iraq has been the main platform of McCain’s campaign. Consistent poll ratings show that Iraq continues to play second string to the economy.
Support from Hagel could be valuable for Obama. Hagel does have a military record as he served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He has earned two Purple Hearts.
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