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Larry Sinclair, Obama's Accuser, Tries To 'Produce Evidence'

By Can Tran     Jun 20, 2008 in Politics
It was only several months ago that Larry Sinclair of Minnesota claimed to have had sex with presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. At the end of the news conference Sinclair gets arrested on an outstanding warrant.
For those that have been keeping track with the primary contests from January until early June of this year, do any of you remember Larry Sinclair of Minnesota? He was the man who claimed to have used cocaine along with giving oral sex to presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.
He said that he met Obama at a nightclub back in 1999.
He had even posted a video on YouTube with those claims. However, Sinclair had failed the polygraph test. His fifteen minutes of fame was up. It seemed that Sinclair was been trying to get another fifteen minutes of fame for months. Sinclair’s had trouble getting a media outlet to take him seriously afterwards.
On Wednesday, June 18, Sinclair was back. He booked a room at Washington DC’s National Press Club. He was going to produce the evidence and put it into the spotlight. However, Sinclair mainly lollygagged and mainly answered questions about himself and his life.
It has been revealed that Sinclair’s been working as a career criminal for almost thirty years. He has been convicted on credit card theft, fraud, and forgery.
Sinclair’s lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, was a spectacle as well as he was dressed in a kilt. Like Sinclair, Sibley has his own troubles.
On another funny note, Sinclair was arrested by officers at the end. Sinclair had an outstanding warrant. In regards of producing evidence about the alleged incident with Obama, Sinclair said he was unsure on who the limo driver was. It would seem that the limo company is defunct. Phone records are near useless because Sinclair changed his number several times in only two months in the previous year.
In a nutshell, Sinclair and his lawyer seemed to have mocked themselves.
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