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article imageFamilies of VT Massacre Victims Get Rewarded With $11M Settlement

By Can Tran     Jun 18, 2008 in World
So far, a settlement for $11 million dollars has been approved a judge to be rewarded to the families of those who were killed in the Virginia Tech shooting.
It has been slightly over a year since the brutal and violent Virginia Tech (VT) shooting that had taken place back in April of 2007. It was when South Korean student Cho Seung-Hui went on a rampage killing 32 people before killing himself. This was not just the deadliest school shooting. VT has become the deadliest shooting in all of United States history at the moment.
Many others were wounded in the process. The story of VT had made the headlines for several weeks. It had even brought forth the talk about gun control at the time. After three weeks, the story of VT was eventually replaced by stories about Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin verbally assaulting his daughter in a recorded phone message.
So far, many fingers of blame were pointed out asides from Cho. To avoid a lengthy court battle, a settlement worth up to $11 million has been approved to be divided up amongst the families of the victims of VT.
Out of thirty-two families, twenty-four of them will be compensated. Two families filed a notice of a pending lawsuit. Two other families did not file claims. Also, 18 people wounded in the massacre will also be part of the settlement.
Officials with VT had come under fire of the handling of the incident. Before most of the killing happened, two students were killed in a dormitory. Officials came under fire for not giving out the information on the details.
In a nutshell, VT has been criticized since them for how it acted throughout the event.
Now, a settlement has been reached. But, there are still families planning to file a lawsuit in regards to the VT massacre. The handling of the incident too had made plenty of headlines then.
Still, the memory of VT will forever be burned in the minds of those that experienced such an event.
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