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article imageCrist Does Off-Shore Drilling Pirouette

By Gar Swaffar     Jun 17, 2008 in Environment
Governor Charlie Crist has performed a stylish and self serving pirouette on the issue of off-shore oil drilling. The choice is certain to rub some the wrong way.
Those who will oppose Governor Charlie Crist's new position will most probably come from both the tourism industry and the environmental lobby, backfilled by every Left leaning politician who sees an opportunity to make political points with the flipped position.
Gov. Crist is choosing to support the John McCain proposal of allowing each state to make it's own choices. A Pro-Choice position which is certain to create ill will on the Left.
The issue of drilling off-shore has been heavily opposed by all of the tourism boards, councils, committees, groups, covens, and lobbyists throughout Florida on the grounds and presumption of an oil spill doing irreparable harm to the Florida tourism which is a primary money machine for the state.
What some of the tourism boards, councils, committees, groups, covens, and lobbyists have failed to take into account though is the proximity of the Chinese drilling taking place or about to take place in conjunction with India and the Cuban government.
With the attention to detail which the Chinese have given all of their other manufacturing ventures, it would seem more appropriate to have American drillers and oil companies involved in the process instead. It would undoubtedly be a better choice than allowing those who allowed companies to poison Scruffy and Snowflakes dog and cat food last year.
Earlier this year, Cuba announced plans to hire the communist Chinese to drill for oil off Key West, Fla. The move was made possible by the 1977 agreement under President Jimmy Carter that created for Cuba an "Exclusive Economic Zone" extending from the western tip of Cuba to the north, virtually to Key West.
(journalists note - another reason to dislike that idiot Jimmy Carter)
"If Cuba and communist China believe they too can find oil in the Gulf, we should pull out all stops," argues Craig R.Smith. "We may be able to bring the price of gasoline down under $2 a gallon if oil can be found in these huge quantities within our territorial waters. It's crazy to think we should be dependent on foreign oil when we've made Mexico our number two supplier of oil with the reserves Mexico has found in the Gulf."
The supplies of oil will be beneficial to all concerned, the United States, China, India, and even the Saudis, who have balked at pumping more oil for various reasons including the fear they may run out of oil someday.
There are those who propose the oil we find has nothing to do with biological material but that the oil comes from deep within the earth and oozes through fissures and cracks in the crust.
Known as the abiotic deep earth theory, the idea would lay to rest the idea of running out of oil any time soon. But, it is still just a theory at this point.
And as all theories, it has it's proponents and naysayers.
After looking through a large number of the links available on the subject, the abiotic deep earth theory has a lot to say for itself. (if a theory could speak.)
One issue which is sure to come up though is:
If there is unlimited oil at this point, how long can we continue to burn it and not contribute to global warming and pollution worldwide in a serious fashion?
Oil good.
No oil bad.
driving good.
Walking bad.
Gas at $2.00 per gallon good
Oil at $300 bbl bad
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