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article imageTeen Finds And Returns $108,000, Gets $20 Reward From Police

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 15, 2008 in Lifestyle
A Utah teen came across a bank deposit bag worth more than $100,000 and returned it to the university police. The teen was rewarded $20 for his honesty.
Jared Gray, 17-year-old boy from Cedar City, Utah, works as a part-time janitor at Southern Utah University. A few weeks ago, while he was cleaning, he came across a bank deposit bag lying on the ground in the campus.
Jared at first didn’t know what to do and looked around to see if somebody dropped it.
Jared told KUTV about his dilemma whether to take the money for himself or to return it:
That definitely went through my mind…I knew what I had to do. I figured I should return the money…It just wouldn’t have felt right to take it.
Jared called his uncle, who works at the college campus about the bank’s money bag. Jared’s uncle called the campus police and the money bag was returned without any loss.
The Southern Utah University spokesperson, Jennifer Burt was appreciative about Jared’s honesty: “It’s a huge thing for someone to turn in $108,000 that they find laying around.”
Jared also said that if he finds himself in a similar circumstance, he will do the same.
The campus police gave him $20 for his honesty and a campus cashier made him a batch of cookies. The rewards may look minuscule, but I am sure Jared will be rewarded more from other sources. Not many in his place would have done the same, but the difference is no one will know about them, they will remain in obscurity, while Jared is becoming famous for his actions.
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