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article imageOP-Ed: The Black-Robed Leftinistra

By Mark L Harvey     Jun 15, 2008 in Politics
The recent "opinion" of the Supreme Court should be disregarded seeing that the judges are not the Law of the Land compared to the Constitution. The US Constitution explicitly determines that US Citizens are afforded constitutional rights.
Having read the entire 134 page abortion of American Sovereignty, I have concluded that the Supreme Court of the the United States (SCOTUS) has overstepped its authority and it should be for the last time. I say "should be for the last time" because apparently, it won't be. The reason it won't be is because there are no more men of stature worthy to write home to Mother about.
As a Troop, I find the self-aggrandizing SCOTUS to be a boil on the hinder parts of this Nation, the greatest one on the none. SCOTUS has decided, in essence, that every person living on this planet is subject to the authority of the United States SCOTUS and that American Civil Liberties are henceforth extended to non American Citizens anywhere on the face of this planet.
SCOTUS has placed itself above United States Military Command Structure with its leader the President of The United States. Congress, the controlling entity over the SCOTUS is also at fault seeing that they have not been following their Constitutional authority over the courts. This is plainly obvious due to the fact that SCOTUS reviewed this case against the orders of Congress.
This is such a bad "opinion" that I have received word that three United States Armed Services Officers, upon hearing of this "opinion", immediately resigned their commissions and the scuttlebutt is as follows: "Our blood is not worthy of their lives." I don't know about you but that is frightening. I'll not include the sentiments further expressed from these Officers. Hopefully, they will not resign and this was merely an emotional outburst. I haven't been able to make contact since then. This is what inspired an article entitled, I Wonder If The Anti-Americanists Would Be Willing To Die For Their Cause.
Actions such as SCOTUS and the worst sitting Congress ever in our history also inspired the article entitled, Defeat Equals Victory In Upside Down Land as well as, According to the United States Constitution, Article III section 2.
This was nothing more than a political coupe to "get that damn Bush" due to the liberal pathology of deep seated hatred of anyone in the way of the Leftinistra. As they were getting "back at Bush", they screwed the country but they don't care...they got Bush.
Read the List of 45 and learn what is happening in this nation or, better yet, what has happened to it.
It would be wise for SCOTUS to review TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2381.
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