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article imagePenn: 'Hillary Lost Because of Campaign In-Fighting'

By Can Tran     Jun 12, 2008 in Politics
Even though the Democratic primary contest is over, there are still stories revolving around the failed presidential run of Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.
The Democratic primary is over with Senator Barack Obama of Illinois as the presumed Democratic nominee. Last weekend, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York said she was suspending her campaign and getting behind Obama. She is charged with the task of getting her supporters to vote for Obama this coming November.
Now, it is a contest between Obama and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona. Still, many are talking about Clinton’s failed run. In the past, many people have expected Clinton to become the presumed Democratic nominee. Clinton was considered the favorite to win the party nomination. But, it was Obama who got the edge on Clinton in just about everything.
Now, many are asking this question: Where did Clinton go wrong? Over the course of the Democratic race, there were many leaks within the boat called the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Mark Penn, the former senior strategist to the Clinton campaign has weighed in on everything. He stated factors that led to the loss. However, Penn did not say Clinton underestimated Obama.
He said the contributing factors were disagreeing on how to attack Obama along with spending all that money too early. It was revealed that the Clinton campaign was $20 million in the red zone.
I wanted to question the basic underpinning of his campaign,” Penn said. He added: “One – that he didn’t have the usual experience of somebody running for president, and two – that the positions he took on Iraq – you know, that were revered by the press – didn’t really hold up when you look through his record in the Senate.”
Penn and Hillary’s husband, former US President Bill Clinton, agreed to attack Obama on Iraq. However, everybody else was not keen due to Clinton refusing to apologize for her vote on Iraq.
Many have said it had left Hillary Clinton vulnerable to attack by Obama. Penn also said that he took Obama seriously. He also blamed the overlooking on how the funding disappeared after Iowa.
In short, Penn laid blame on how the Clinton campaign operated. Clinton was expecting a quick victory. The DNC rules do not make a quick victory possible. Obama’s campaign has done an excellent job of researching the DNC delegate rules.
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