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article imageLobbyists To Feel the Wrath of both Obama and McCain

By Can Tran     Jun 12, 2008 in Politics
The issue of lobbyists has been major in the 2008 US Presidential Elections. The fate hands in the hands of either Obama or McCain. So far, it does not bode well for lobbyists.
In the world of today’s politics, let alone the 2008 US Presidential Elections, the word “lobbyist” has been considered the new “dirty word.” Instead of dropping the proverbial “F-bomb,” there is now the “L-bomb”? In this respect, expect both presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona to drop plenty of L-bombs on their respective campaign trails.
Both Obama and McCain have something in common, they have painted lobbyists. McCain has for the longest time waged a personal battle with lobbyists and their influence on the United States Congress. Back in Ohio, McCain said that corporate lobbyists need to have their influence and power reduced.
However, Obama attacked McCain of using lobbyists for his campaign.
It’s too bad their campaign is still rife with lobbyist influence and doesn’t see a similar ‘perception problem’ with the man currently running their own vice presidential selection process, a prominent D.C. lobbyist whose firm has represented Exxon and a top Enron executive,” the Obama campaign fired at McCain.
Obama’s stance on lobbyists is that he will not take any money from them. So far, lobbyists have received a very bad reputation. Last year, Gallup Poll results revealed that lobbyists rank behind used cars salesman. To be ranked behind a used car salesman, that’s pretty bad.
However, there are lobbyists in all fields. Veterans, teachers, union workers, and all sorts of other groups use lobbyists to advocate their causes. But, lobbyists in general tend to get the short end of the stick because of certain types of lobbyists.
The main conundrum presented is because of who hires the lobbyists and how much money is spent on them. In short, all lobbyists seem to be in the crossfire in the uphill battle between Obama and McCain.
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