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article imageDailyKos Dispels Rumors On Obama's Birth Certificate and Eligibility For Presidency

By Susan Duclos     Jun 12, 2008 in Politics
Recently The National Review Online did some debunking of rumors surrounding Michelle Obama and the much talked about but never seen "whitey video" and asked the Obama campaign to produce his birth certificate to dispel other strange rumors.
There have been rumors on the Internet about John McCain and Barack Obama surrounding their birth places and whether they were eligible to become president of the United States of America.
The New York Times first questioned whether John McCain was eligible because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 on a military installation, which prompted the Senate to unanimously declare his eligibility to run for president.
Then rumors started floating around the Internet about Barack Obama and his eligibility.
The rumors ranged from strange to downright outrageous and the National Review Online, who helped try to debunk the rumor about the Michelle Obama "Whitey" video/DVD, stated that the Barack Obama campaign could easily help dispel those rumors by producing his birth certificate since Hawaii does not make such records public.
Without explanation on how it was obtained, the liberal website, DailyKos, produces the certification of birth for Barack Obama.
Barack Obama s Certification of Birth
Barack Obama's Certification of Birth
Courtesy of Dailykos
Another site, Suitably Flip, shows a distinction as per the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, between a birth certificate and a certification of live birth, but that is neither here nor there in relation to the rampant email and Internet rumors regarding Barack Obama's birthplace.
Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.
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