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Op-Ed: The gas crisis was solved years before it started

By Soldiermedicine     Jun 9, 2008 in Science
With the gas prices soaring every time we turn our heads, you have to wonder how much more can we take? Suppose we never needed gasoline or oil again?
And we almost didn't. The American genius Stan Meyer came up with a fuel solution years ago, and it was almost stopped as soon as it started. At 100 miles to the gallon, Stan's Dune Buggy creation actually operated on plain and simple......water!
Whether it came from the garden hose, snow, or a mud puddle, there was no stopping this technology. Looking over the facts, I still find it interesting that this technology was discovered years ago and he had also found a way to sell it to the American public without making people dry up their savings accounts. Unnamed car companies have decided that they have also came up with a solution using a similar style of engine. However, it will cost the public almost $15,000 to convert your vehicle, while Stan's plan would have only been less than $1,500.
So, why were we putting this off? The answer came suddenly when Stan mysteriously died of food poisoning after being threatened time and time again about marketing his product. Did I also mention that it is completely Earth safe and their are no by products? The fuel cell operates by separating oxygen and hydrogen, and then burns the hydrogen. This cell would have solved all of the major pollution problems, and the gas and oil would never have been needed. This doesn't even mention the fact that if you fill up at a gas station with hydrogen, those prices would be 5 times higher than gas at present.
Presently there is a company that has picked up this ball and is running with it again. Their name is not being mentioned as of yet, but I think that the gas prices have gotten high enough that it is time we take a stand and choose our fuel source.
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