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Saving Our Planet In The Buff, Mexico City Cyclists Make A Statement

By Nikki Weingartner     Jun 8, 2008 in World
A little protest might get the point across but for about 500 men and women, that point was made in their birthday suit as protesters in Mexico City took to the streets on their bicycles in opposition of automobiles.
In a city filled with around 4 million air-polluting vehicles and 20 million residents, people are fed up with the coughing and choking associated with the label of one of the world's most polluted cities. In protest, around 500 citizens jumped on their pollution-free bicycles and took to the streets to get attention. However, it isn't the number of cyclists that diverted driver's eyes.
Alejandro Hernandez, a student and anti-car protester, told Reuters:
We're riding nude to see if this way they'll see us, so they don't run over any more of us.
Being naked means we aren't invisible. The motorists don't respect us, they see us as a nuisance," he said.
Hernandez spoke his words while standing in his birthday suit.
Not all of the cyclists were naked, with only about half of them in the buff.
Mexico City's government is trying to cut down on automobile emissions by getting rid of the older, more polluting vehicles. They are also in the process of building a network of bicycle lanes as an alternative means of travel.
The whole event gives a new meaning to adventurous, as naked cycling seems to have its own travel-related hazards.
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