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article imageExpect The Possibility of a Senator Al Franken Of Minnesota In Near-Future

By Can Tran     Jun 8, 2008 in Politics
Due to a recent turn of events, there is the strong possibility that former comedian and Saturday Night Live performer Al Franken could be the next US Senator of Minnesota.
The last few days was focused on the US Presidential elections as it is now a contest between presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama and presumed GOP nominee John McCain. Hillary Clinton had suspended her campaign and dropped out of the Democratic race. Clinton’s campaign has gradually crippled throughout the Democratic contest.
But, former Saturday Night Live writer, performer, and comedian, Al Franken is set to make headlines. For those that do not know who he is, Al Franken is an action, an author, radio host, liberal political commentator, screenwriter, and an Emmy-Award winning comedian.
Those that watch Fox News have seen Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor square off against Franken on numerous occasions. The most notable clash would be the release of Franken’s book in 2003 called “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.” That one had a cover photo of O’Reilly. Fox News sued Franken. The case was tossed out. The book sales had drastically increased.
But, neither O’Reilly nor Franken stopped fighting it out.
In the early years of Saturday Night Live, Frankee was a known performer.
Franken is running as a Democrat for the seat that is currently being held by Republican Senator Norm Coleman. Earlier today, Franken has received the endorsement of Minnesota’s Democratic Party.
To the people of Minnesota, let me say this: I’m not a perfect person,” Franken said. He adds: “I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers. But I’ll tell you the truth, I will keep my spine, and I will work for you.”
It was between Franken and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer to run as the Democratic candidate to run for Minnesota’s seat in the Senate. Nelson-Pallmeyer is a peace activist and a college professor.
Many have said that Franken will be a formidable opponent against Coleman. But, it may be a rocky battle as Republicans have launched an offensive against him. They are using everything including the kitchen sink against Franken. The Coleman campaign’s ammo consists of Franken’s years as a comedian along with personal finances. In short, Coleman is prepared to go up against Franken.
But, Franken does not look fazed at all. He considers the attack as a mark of honor. Franken swore to sock it to the GOP. Franken said that he is going to hold Coleman accountable.
Many said have said that Franken has many means to fight against Coleman. Asides from the US Presidential elections, the race for Minnesota’s Senate seat should also be something worth watching.
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