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article imageOp-Ed: Undercover Officers are Reported to be Training with Shoe Phones

By Mr Garibaldi     Jun 5, 2008 in Politics
The Denver City Counsel is said to be holding meetings under the veil of the Cone of Silence. Police officers have been issued shoe phones in order to be inconspicuous when reporting in.
The Golden Age of Get Smart has not only been revived for the silver screen, but it seems that there are those who think that Denver is preparing weapons that could have been created by the mind of Mel Brooks for crowd control for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.
Would you believe they think there is a "poopie ray?"
As legend has it, the Brown Note is an infrasonic frequency believed to resonate through human body parts and cause a loss of bowel control. Some protesters are convinced that Denver police will amplify such low frequencies to subdue them in August.
"They'll bring out all the technologies they can get their hands on," says activist Ben Yager. "I wouldn't put anything past police in terms of crowd control."
It isn't helping that Denver officials are laughing about the rumors and cracking jokes about them.
Perhaps they've finally developed that most dangerous weapon of all from the Smart franchise, the Nude Bomb.
I hope Code Pink doesn't send a delegation, if that happens to be the case...
The Brown Note, by the way, is nothing more than yet another urban legend.
The Nude Bomb, however..........
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