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article imageLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Is In The Running For McCain's VP Slot

By Dave Giza     Jun 5, 2008 in Politics
Many Republican operatives are excited about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He is a 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants who is a great orator. Jindal has also attracted the attention of the McCain camp and has campaigned with the Arizona senator.
John McCain campaigned in Louisiana yesterday with the youngest governor in the nation. 36-year-old Bobby Jindal was elected the GOP governor in 2007 easily after narrowly losing in 2003. He has impressed many in the Republican Party with his ability to work with Democrats in the State Legislature to get things passed for the benefit of the people along with his passionate zeal and impressive speaking skills.
The McCain camp has stated that they are considering nearly two dozen people for the vice presidential slot. Governor Jindal has said that he isn't actively campaigning for it but he is being considered along with former foe Mitt Romney and current Floridian governor Charlie Crist.
Governor Jindal has succeeded in Louisiana by gaining the backing of social conservatives and fiscally conservative business leaders. He has also appealed to moderate suburbanites. On a national scale, Republicans believe that McCain can win the presidency by employing this same strategy.
Jindal, the son of Indian immigrants, won the governorship in 2007 by softpedaling his opposition to gay marriage and abortion. Although personally opposed to these two issues, he rarely talked about them on the campaign stump. ''Instead, he campaigned largely on free-market themes such as cutting taxes to stimulate growth, and a populist pledge, honed from his days as a state and federal technocrat, to solve problems.''
Governor Jindal has an impressive educational background. He was a double major in public policy and biology at Brown University. Jindal turned down law and medical school to be a Rhodes Scholar. Although an Indian, he converted to Catholicism from Hinduism while in college. He opposes abortion in nearly all circumstances and favors teaching ''intelligent design'' in public schools. If he were selected by McCain as his running mate, the national press and the Democrats would focus on these views. While he was a congressman, he voted to build a fence on the Mexican border which is in opposition to McCain's position.
He began work immediately in January 2008 as Louisiana's governor. He changed regulations on his second day in office that strongly delayed the state's recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Jindal pushed an extremely tough ethics law through the legislature and got five tax breaks for businesses and wealthy taxpayers while appropriating more than $800 million on crumbling levees and roads.
Jindal has also revamped vocational education in the state to suit the needs of big employers. Business owners across the nation always complain about young workers coming out of the school system being unqualified for many jobs.
Governor Jindal's main accomplishment has been his streamlining of federal funds for hurricane rebuilding. ''When he took office, the state had spent less than half of $26 billion in federal funds for hurricane rebuilding. Another $15 billion for housing, businesses, schools and local governments sat unused.'' He put all the programs in a single agency and imposed strict performance penalties on contractors. $10 billion is being spent on rebuilding grants to homeowners and everyone is scheduled to receive their grants by August.
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