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US Naval Ships To Leave Burma After Junta Constantly Denies Them Entry

By Can Tran     Jun 5, 2008 in World
After being blown off by Burma’s junta, four US naval ships loaded with supplies for the victims of Cyclone Nargis will withdraw from the coast.
There have been many actions taken by Burma’s junta to warrant massive backlash from the international community. Regardless of the amount of backlash received, Burma’s junta has still remained defiant. Due to Burma’s defiance, at least one million people are in need of food, shelter, and medicine.
Cyclone Nargis had claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Millions are at risk of death by waterborne diseases and hunger. While there has been aid given to the victims, Burma’s junta has done little to nothing to make sure that it got to the people that need them.
Recently, the junta has started a systematic eviction of the cyclone victims from refugee camps. The junta has dumped the victims back to their devastated villages. What did the junta have to say for it? The junta said that the victims can fend for themselves. It showed little to no sympathy for the victims let alone those living in the hardest hit areas.
The junta has been criticized for refusing aid victims and the US Navy through to delivery such supplies. After constantly being refused entry by the junta, the US Navy has been given no choice but to leave.
But they have refused us each and every time. It is time for the USS Essex group to move on to its next mission,” said Admiral Timothy Keating, who is the commander of US Pacific Command.
Keating had said he is saddened and angry by the constantly defiance by the junta. He adds because of the junta’s defiance, hundreds of thousands of people are risk at dying.
In short, Burma’s junta continues to be defiant.
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