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Caroline Kennedy To Head Obama VeepStakes Team

By Carolyn E. Price     Jun 4, 2008 in Politics
As Barack Obama turns his eyes toward the bigger prize, it is being confirmed that he has put together a three-person team to help him vet and select a running mate for this Fall's general election.
Caroline Kennedy appears to be stepping into the political spotlight, front and center. Today, it is being reported that the Obama campaign has formed a three person team to manage the vetting of vice presidential candidates. The team includes Kennedy, Eric Holder, who served in the Clinton White House as Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, and Jim Johnson who is described as a longtime Washington insider. A woman, a black man, and an older white guy. Quite the crew, isn't it?
Johnson, who was once a member of the group Friends of Hillary, was profiled in an Atlantic Magazine article last year and this is what they had to say about him:
He is famously reluctant to speak to the press, which is one reason why he has become a trusted adviser to so many politicians.
Holder served as Janet Reno's Deputy Attorney General from 1997 to 2000, and he also served in President Bush's White House as acting U.S. Attorney General while John Ashcroft spent a few weeks getting confirmed.
In January of this year, Kennedy wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times entitled A President Like My Father, where (much to Hillary Clinton's dismay) she became the first Kennedy to publicly support Barack Obama's campaign to become the Democratic Presidential candidate for 2008.
It was been widely reported over the past twenty-four hours that Mrs. Clinton would be "interested" in securing the number 2 spot on an Obama Presidential ticket. I guess only time will tell if that is the case, however, I'm also guessing that the next few weeks will be a busy one for the Kennedy, Holder, Johnson trio.
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