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Browse Faces With Google Face Search Website

By Chris V. Thangham     May 30, 2008 in Internet uses Apple's “Cover Flow” interface offered in iTunes and in iPhones. You can search and browse images in an efficient manner.
When you search celebrities or persons in Google Images, you will get mixed search results with or without faces. In some other cases, Digital Inspiration points out when you search for “Crow” in Google Images, you will get images of the “crow” bird and singer “Sheryl Crow”.
But if you just want to just look for faces, then you can try this simple technique by adding imgtype=face at the end of Google search results.
For example if you are trying to search Ana Ivanovic, a rising tennis star in Google, you will type the following:
You will still see many images of Ana Ivanovic but if you add &imgtype=face at the end like below, Google will restrict it to just face images of Ana Ivanovic.
Similarly you can try others like Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Audrey Hepburn and so on.
But remembering this code may be a problem to some. That's where (not a typo) comes into the picture. It uses Apple’s “Cover Flow” design, where users can browse album pictures in a free-flow manner found in iTunes, iPhones and iPod Touch.
If you do the same above face search for Ana Ivanovic in, you will see a much better alternative than what Google provides. You can see it here.
You can then browse images very easily.
It has a unique misspelled name, probably they couldn’t get the domain The above Face Search tool uses Protoflow which is a JavaScript library that emulates the Cover Flow effect in a web browser.
There is another unique image search tool called “Tag Galaxy” you can find faces and many more. You can also look for flowers, animals, and all sorts of things. It has a unique search interface and searches the web using Flickr API.
Another unique use in face search is it helps to identify whether the person is male or female. You can also do this search in Facebook, when you are not sure whether to address the person Mr. or Miss especially with Asian names.
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