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article imageGoogle Has A New Image

By Chris V. Thangham     May 30, 2008 in Internet
When you access Google search, you will find the big “G” is gone and the little “g” is present in the URL icon area. Google replaced its old favicon icon with a new simpler one.
When you access any site, most of the cases you will see a small icon right next to the URL (http://www...). This small icon is called “favicon”, which is also known as page icon, URL icon or website icon. It identifies a particular website from others.
Here in Digital Journal you might have seen this familiar icon right next to the URL.
Favicon for Digital Journal.
Favicon for Digital Journal.
Google had the familiar “G” in a colored box (in blue, green and red borders) right next to its URL. Today the new favicon, a purple “g,” showed up. You can see it here in Google.
New Favicon for Google.
New Favicon for Google.
The favicon is usually stored as a 16 x 16 pixel image. If you have a website, here is a simple to create favicons.
Google has not stated publicly the reason behind this change, but Alex Ionut thinks the small g is a symbol for infinity (∞). Google originally was named after “googol” (10 powered 100), but since the web sites have multiplied in large numbers, “infinity” makes more sense to Google to index all those sites.
One of the users in the forum commented about this new favicon image:
“Maybe they’re going to be known as ’the little g’ rather than ’The Big G’ from now on...”
Philip Lenssen adds as Google continues to grow and grow, but one of their self-proclaimed core values is “Think and act like an underdog”. Google wants to remain an underdog and keep innovating.
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