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Nude Maid Really Cleans Up In Florida Man's Home

By Pamela Jean     May 30, 2008 in Lifestyle
She had run an ad on the Internet. Housekeeping in the nude - $100 bucks an hour. Sounded mighty good to one Florida man who hired the unknown woman and gave her his home address. She arrived wearing nothing but a one piece dress, but left with far more.
Apparently life was getting rather hum drum for one Florida resident. Looking to spice it up a bit, he perused the Internet. There it was, the perfect pick me up. A woman advertising her services, namely housekeeping in the nude. For a mere $100 bucks an hour she promised to visit your home and do a thorough dusting and cleaning - sans clothing.
The man took the bait, hired the woman and gave her the pertinent information as to when and where to arrive.
When he opened his door he was greeting by a smiling young woman dressed in nothing but a one piece light colored dress. She quickly stripped down to nothing and began cleaning up.
And clean up is exactly what she did. The homeowner left the woman alone in his bedroom and while she was busily dusting she apparently picked up a reported $40,000 in jewelry. The discovery of the missing baubles was made hours later when the homeowners wife returned to the scene of the crime.
Police are investigating.
My question is - where did she hide the jewels? I'll bet you're thinking the same thing I am. LOL!
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