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Organisations shifting to four-day week in order to save gasoline

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     May 30, 2008 in Business
A number of organizations across the U.S. have decided to allow their employees to work four days a week to save on commuting. Many more companies are likely to follow.
With oil prices hovering around $4 a barrel organisations are feeling the heat. Many small town community colleges and schools have moved to a four-day week. Many more public sector employers are also planning to do so in the weeks to come.
Michigan's Oakland County and New York's Suffolk County have already implemented a four-day week. Ohio's Kent State University offered it's custodial staff the option of working
four days a week and ninety percent of the employees have taken that option.
The average distance a U S citizen is travelling for daily commuting to work has increased from 9 miles in 1969 to 12 miles in 2006. Dale Lunsford, university president, Letourneau University in Longview, Texas said.
Controlling the costs of food and other economic factors are out of my hand. But I think we can do something to help the price of gas by reducing the number of working days.
Oklahoma state legislature is going to pass a resolution allowing state agencies to have a four-day workweek. Sen. Earl Garrison, a Democrat who supported the move said.
State employees are on fixed budgets, and they are not usually the most highly paid in our society.
Private companies are also trying to reduce the travelling distance of it's employees using telecommuting. Hewlett Packard is quadrupling its videoconferencing room by 2009 March.
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