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article imageOp-Ed: The Bushelvik Revolution?

By Lew Waters     May 30, 2008 in Politics
A cursory knowledge of World History shows how the now defunct Soviet Union was born out of the Bolshevik Revolution, plunging that country and several others ‘annexed’ by the Soviets into decades of darkness and oppression.
One wonders if history will record how the hatred of George W. Bush was used to plunge America into the same type of darkness and oppression?
Much like the Bolsheviks, today’s Democrat Party tells voters how ‘evil’ the Bush administration is and promises them the sun, wind, moon and stars, if only they will elect the Democrats. In 2006, it worked and Democrats took control of both legislative houses of government. Republicans lost their spine, if they ever had it to begin with and ran like scared little rabbits every time the Democrats said ‘boo.’
A former member of the administration has released a book he claims to have written himself, excoriating the administration, immediately jumped on by Democrats in a positive way. Ignored is just who all the publisher of the book is tied to, far leftists who desire to recreate a Socialist America in the pattern of the now defunct Soviet Union.
Standing back and looking at the claims in the newly released book taints what little credibility Scott McClellan may have ever had. From news releases, the book appears filled with Liberal talking points that have been debunked time and again.
Such hatred of a President is a first in my lifetime. Even the avowed evil of Richard M. Nixon pales in comparison to the hatred spewed towards George W. Bush. The hatred settled in as Socialist Democrats were forced to admit that Bush did in fact actually win the contested and very close 2000 election fairly. Denial set in almost immediately and ever since we have heard how Bush stole the election or he was “selected, not elected.”
The hatred appeared to subside for a short while after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, but didn’t stay subsided for long. Many Democrats who backed the President on going after Extremists and even advocated deposing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, decided to claim now they were “lied to” by the President, ignoring their many years of calls for the removal of the Iraqi Dictator.
The demonizing of George W. Bush had begun and spineless Republicans began fleeing from him, thinking only of their own retention of their lucrative elected office. In 2006, the years of effort came to fruition as Democrats swept back into Congressional Power. Spineless Republicans sat back and licked their wounds as they abandoned conservatism and conservative leaders.
Now Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D. Ca.) ran on a policy of “A New Direction” bashing Bush, the War on Terror and conservatism in general. Campaign promises of “getting Bin laden” and “doubling the Special Forces” have been long thrown out. Efforts to withhold funding of our Troops in Harm’s Way have failed, but cries of the Troops failing have prevailed, leading up to her giving credit to Iran for the success seen in the ‘surge’ under General Petraeus.
Democrat candidates for President waste no time piling on Bush for failing, setting up an “Imperial Presidency,” dividing the country and laying fault for every malady that has happened to the country at his feet.
The Republican candidate distances himself from the administration and plays ‘nice’ while the hatemongering Democrats push for more taxes and pander to voters who seem to have forgotten the freedoms and liberties America was founded on.
Democrats promise “free” medical care, better minimum wage, government paid child-care, government bailouts if you make a bad loan, government required manufacturing goals, forced bio-fuels and much more are made, enticing voters into giving up more liberty and freedom to suck at the government teat. Traditional honors are ignored in the haste to win more votes by pandering.
Promises of securing our borders are abandoned and previously passed measures defunded as waves of Illegal Immigrants flow across our borders, some seeking a better way of life, some possibly intent on causing harm.
Through it all, Bush and Republicans shoulder the blame, not the Democrats who craftily undermine the very fiber of American society by pushing Socialist agenda after agenda through Congress.
Anti-war Democrats gloss over their real intent passing a GI Bill increasing college credits for a single enlistment, not revealing the measure has the potential to strip our Military of much needed experienced NCO’s, during a time of war and leaving the country poorly defended should another terrorist attack occur.
All of this is but the tip of the iceberg as Democrats slowly move America towards a cheap copy of the failed Soviet Union. Law abiding citizens are threatened with the loss of self-protection by efforts at gun control, while criminals are coddled as ‘victims’ of a non-Socialist Society. Gas prices soar while Democrats make measure after measure denying us the use of our own resources, leaving us even more dependent upon foreign oil sources or without adequate personal transportation, instead becoming dependent upon government supplied public transportation.
Under the guise of “Global Climate Change,” the public is brainwashed into believing doom is just around the corner if they don’t give up more freedom and liberty and of course, their paychecks in the form of increased taxes.
All the while, Democrats bray about Bush “fearmongering” about another terrorist attack, ignoring decades of attacks against the United States and other countries.
Those that serve in America’s Military swear an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…,” with all too many not seeing who the "domestic enemies" really are.
Voters seem to ignore our constitutional freedoms and liberties and just like the Russian Peasants that allowed the Bolsheviks free reign believing they would get something for nothing, vote in those promising to give them “free entitlements" in exchange for their vote.
I still wonder how history will record this “Bushelvik Revolution" as Democrats strip away our constitution and replace it with their Socialist agenda.
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