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article imageTexas Fights Ruling on FLDS with new 'evidence'

By Samantha A. Torrence     May 29, 2008 in Crime
New pictures of Warren Jeffs kissing "child brides" has been entered as evidence against the Texas ruling to return the FLDS children to the YFZ Ranch.
The State of Texas has stepped up its game to prove that taking over 400 children from the FLDS ranch was for their own protection. Pictures of Warren Jeffs kissing his "child brides" some in the pictures said to be 12- years -old were entered as evidence that the very culture of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is abusive. The argument is that the adults teach little girls to become targets of sexual abuse as willing child brides, and little boys to become sexual predators.
Texas State is also seeking custody of a 1 week old baby born to Lousia Bradshaw and her "husband" Dan Jessop both members of FLDS who lived at the Yearning for Zion Ranch.
Texas Child Protective Service lawyers submitted the pictures of anniversaries as evidence but will not reveal how they were obtained. The lawyers representing Lousia and her baby claimed they failed to see how the pictures pertained to their clients, to which CPS lawyers replied it shows the state of mind of the people in FLDS and that they will not protect thier children from abuse.
During the hearing Dan Jessop was asked if the pictures were evidence of child abuse.
His reply, "I do not consider a girl kissing a man sex abuse."
Warren Jeffs Photos
Lawyers for Texas Child Protective Services entered photos into evidence at a custody hearing. They say Warren Jeffs was with a then-12-year-old girl who they claimed was his spiritual wife.
Photo courtesy Texas Child Protective Services
Jessop also indicated that he felt Jeffs was "perfect" to him, that Jeff's imprisonment was unjust, and referred to him as "the prophet." Jeffs presided over the marriage of Dan Jessop and Lousia Bradshaw.
According to Desert News in Texas upon leaving the court when Jessop was interviewed by the press he said, "Yes, it's shocking," Dan Jessop told reporters outside of court. "You see far worse, immoral, disgusting, gross things than a girl kissing a man in the streets of your own community. And you and I don't know if the state of Texas fabricated that."
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