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Honor Killing Takes 16 Year Old

By Gar Swaffar     May 27, 2008 in World
Another honor killing, this time in Hamburg, Germany again brings the question of Muslim immigration to the forefront..
Morsal Obeidi was 16 years old and the daughter of Afghan immigrants, she was killed by her brother for bringing dishonor on the family, for the crime of becoming too German.
Now the city of Hamburg and Germans at large renew the question of why the immigrants don't integrate into their communities.
Morsal Obeidi was stabbed 20 times by her brother 23 year old Ahmad Obeidi, stabbed so hard it left bruises on Ahmad's forearm. Morsal died in a Hamburg Mc Donalds parking lot, taken there by her cousin Mohammad who had been asked to do so by Ahmad, Morsal's brother. The purpose of the visit was supposed to be a conversation only, but instead of talking, Ahmad walked up beside Morsal and immediately began stabbing her with a knife. Brutally slain.
Morsal was really only attempting to do what she was being told in school and by social workers, which was to integrate into her new culture. The arguments began when she started dressing as a 16 year old German girl might rather than as a 50 year old Afghan woman might dress.
Her brother initially fled the scene but was later arrested without resistance and during an interrogation admitted the killing, giving as his justification, the loss of honor to the family and his father by Morsal's actions. Although Morsal had only returned to Germany two months begore from an extended visit to Afghan relatives, she appears to have gotten back to the German mode quickly, and the problems for her father and brother escalated just as quickly.
Short skirts and smoking were too much for the two Afghan men, Morsal's cousin Mohammad who was sitting with her near a subway station smoking, watched the entire altercation and then rode with Ahmad before turning himself in to police.
The crime brings to the public mind again the lack of integration and the price to be paid for that lack. Unfortunately for Morsal, any corrections made will be too late.
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