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article imageOp-Ed: Maxine Waters Out of the Closet as a Socialist?

By Mr Garibaldi     May 27, 2008 in Politics
Last week during Congressional hearings with oil company executives, industry executives told members of Congress they were being hamstrung by being unable to access oil on American soil and territory. Maxine Waters of California has another solution...
Fuel and oil prices are climbing, daily. No one can argue that, although there is plenty of argument over the reasons for it and solutions and alternatives petroleum products. There are plenty of fly by night opportunities for get rich quick schemers to jump in offering miracle products to a public looking for relief from rising fuel prices, which are in turn driving the prices up on practically everything else.
I didn't know where to expect it coming from, or rather whom, but I did expect it, and I did expect it to be suggested for the oil industry. Bear in mind this is the SECOND industry that is being targeted by politicians for nationalization.
That's right, the second industry.
More on that in a few minutes.
The who has turned out to be Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who suggested last week in meetings (hearings) with oil company executives that she had no problem with the government taking over the industry.
That's called "nationalizing."
I don't see anything, anywhere, in the Constitution, where it calls for the federal government to get involved in industry. The role of the government is a national defense, creation of laws governing relations between the states and our country with other countries, and improvement of the interior. In a nutshell, that's it. It is not the responsibility of government to become involved in private industry. Not under our constitutional structure. That road leads to a socialist system, and that lies in contradiction with our rule of law.
And yet it has now been suggested for a second industry, the oil industry, by Maxine Waters.
That brings us full circle, back to the question that's lurking beneath the surface, of what was the first industry? If you haven't figured it out by now, that's because you've been conditioned not to even think about it by politicians and the main stream dinosaur media at large that it doesn't even cross your mind at this point to consider that to put control of the nation's health care industry into the hand of the government would be nationalizing it to federal control. That's right, the first industry to be targeted was the health care industry.
Watch for this trend to become more frequently mentioned in the coming months...
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