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article imageFuture Looking Bright for Terminator 4

By Johnny Simpson     May 25, 2008 in Entertainment
The fourth entry in the Terminator series, 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins,' is due out May 22, 2009. Great casting, some new details and amazing concept art have me waiting for the end of the world. Also, Arnold may make a cameo appearance.
Original Announcement of T4, October 2007
Can we call it T4 now?
Up to now, I really hadn't thought much about the upcoming fourth installment of the smash 'Terminator' series, due out next May.
It would be the first without Arnold Schwarzenegger, who really brought what was needed to the role of the Cyberdyne Systems CSM-101 killer cyborg: great presence and absolute mercilessness.
It really wouldn't seem like a Terminator movie without Ahnold in a governating role.
However, a few key details from director McG, great casting additions and some amazing new concept art for the upcoming film have me thinking differently.
Here is a direct tie-in to the offical website of 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.'
You can check out (or even wallpaper) the concept art of the Skynet-driven aerial HK searching out humans for extermination amidst the ruins of humanity in 2018 Los Angeles.
The new Terminator flick focuses on the life of John Connor, as played by Christian Bale. Other name stars have great roles as well. Josh Brolin is rumored to be the new Terminator.
Considering how convincingly mean some of his other characters have been, I can see that.
One thing that struck me was how well the time period and concept of T4, as described today, fit the overall structure of the series, and could make a great closing chapter.
Situated in the year 2018, it all takes place between the nuclear missile launches at the end of 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' and the arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger's CSM-101 and Michael Biehn's Kyle Reese in 1984 LA at the start of the first Terminator film.
This is the era in which SkyNet, having annihilated most of humanity through nuclear holocaust, is now in the methodical mopping-up process, sending out aerial and land-based hunter-killers to exterminate every human they find, as well as the cyborg killers which are near-undetectable without dogs.
The Frank Miller-like concept art really grabbed me. Special effects genius and four-time Oscar winner Stan Winston will be at that helm. With all that is possible now with Digital and CGI, I can't wait to see that nightmarish landscape brought to life, if it can be called such.
I had elaborated in my own OpEd about Terminator technologies coming to life in our time. Some very scary stuff if placed in the Cyberdyne/SkyNet/Terminator context.
How would you like SkyNet sending a few of these MAST surveillance robots to find you in the darkest corners?
One of BAE s MAST Robots
Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) Spider Surveillance Robot.
If you think that's good, here's the video. Includes dragonflies.
Will they use anything like those in the film?
Will they adapt rapidly advancing unmanned military technologies like the MAST, UAV, IED and laser robots into the new version?
Well, I did send a link of that DJ article to the studio making it. Was appreciated.
Regardless, the director and producers seem to be on the right track. Having special effects wizard Stan Winston on board certainly helps matters.
Sequentially, it would end up in the number four spot in the series. But its own ending should loop you all the way back to the start of the first.
Very respectable cast. An accomplished director. Great artwork and concept.
And maybe even the Governator himself closing it all out.
The bleak future of 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins' is looking so bright, I gotta wear shades.
Arnold s CSM-101 From  The Terminator  (1984)
Arnold's CSM-101 From 'The Terminator' (1984)
Hemdale Film
NOTE: Since 'TS:TFB' is listed as 'in production' and has a year to go before its scheduled release, much can change, even the working title.
If you care to follow its progress over time, you can check with the official website and the IMDB profile for cast listings, updates and future trailer releases.
You'll also find a steady stream of news on T4 here at the website.
Meet you for the end of the world Next May.
It's looking good.
CORRECTION: As specified in the embedded video and another location I just found, T4 may actually be the first in a trilogy, and not the final chapter.
However, the time frame given in my review, between the end of 'T3: Rise of the Machines' and the beginning of the first Terminator film, appears to be correct.
This would be the age of John Connor, and of SkyNet wrapping up its extermination of the human race.
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